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Meet JenniferJennifer’s love for moving her body began at the early age of 6 when she was introduced to her first classical ballet class at the School of Fine Arts. From that moment forward Jennifer was hooked on being physically active. She continued dancing until the age of 20 and then began to lead private and group fitness classes at local gyms. Jennifer has worked in fitness for almost 20 years. With a desire to try something new she attended her first yoga class in 2000. She fell in love with Ashtanga and Bikram yoga. In 2001 Jennifer began teaching a vinyasa style yoga class and has been teaching yoga ever since. She completed her teacher training in Ashtanga yoga with yoga master David Swenson.

Throughout the years her classes have evolved and through her experimentation and creativity she has developed her own unique style of yoga. Today, Jennifer Berman Yoga is a blend of strength, balance, flow, and breath that will challenge your body and release your mind. Most recently, Jennifer founded Birmingham Corporate Yoga, which brings yoga and wellness to the workplace. Jennifer is dedicated to helping her students advance their yoga practice on and off the mat.

Jennifer is also an artist working in acrylic and oil mediums and loves to find inspiration in people, fashion, and landscapes. She is a busy wife and mom of 3.

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