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“I love attending Jennifer's Corporate Yoga class. We go during lunch and it makes the entire day better. I have become stronger and more flexible but the peace of mind and de-stress effect it gives helps me just as much. I am a better employee after doing Yoga.”

Mike Oakley
Public Relations, Alabama Power

“Starting yoga at 53 with a room full of much younger women made me a little nervous. Jennifer quickly made me feel at ease. Also, although I was not in the best shape physically when I started, she showed us how to exercise in tune with our own bodies. I am now much more flexible and can do some of the yoga moves that I thought I would never be able to do. Jennifer is a great instructor and I recommend her highly.”

Joy F. Presley
Firm Administrator, Whitaker Mudd Simms Luke & Wells, LLC

“I tried yoga a few times in college, but I didn’t stick with it. Now I realize it was because I had never had a teacher like Jennifer. Her classes are amazing! She motivates you to push yourself, but also to appreciate your body for all that it can do. My flexibility and endurance have increased 100% since beginning Jennifer’s class, and I’ve noticed that my posture is better too.

Whitney Yarborough
Whitaker Mudd Simms Luke & Wells, LLC

“Ever since I went to my first yoga class taught by Jennifer, I was hooked. Jennifer challenged my body and mind in ways that I never had been challenged before. I now take classes twice a week with Jennifer and very much look forward to my yoga time… my “me” time where it is about freeing my mind and body from daily stressors and focusing on growing stronger both physically and mentally. Since beginning classes with Jennifer, I have lost some weight, become much more flexible, and I can feel how much stronger my body is becoming. Jennifer makes me aware of just how much my body can do and how strong it is, and I am so thankful for that!

Sarah K. Powell
Paralegal, Whitaker Mudd Simms Luke & Wells, LLC

“Jennifer always encourages everyone in the class. She makes it easy to start as a beginner or to advance if you've been practicing for awhile. Yoga is for everyone!

Nancy Prater
Education Program Manager, Southern Company

“From the employers standpoint, all I can say is that the staff here at Whitaker Mudd look forward to yoga, they talk about it, they really enjoy it, and it is an integral part of the work week. It does not interrupt their work schedules and I personally believe it raises their appreciation of their "employer" as not only a place to go to work, but a place where they feel appreciated and respected enough that they receive a “free” perk-yoga.  It is healthy, for the mind and the body, and that is good for us all.  You do a great job here and we (myself included) have greatly benefited from your classes (especially my relatively new hip joint which was, no doubt, greatly improved via the yoga stretches and positions).”

Bill Mudd
Senior Partner, Whitaker Mudd Simms Luke & Wells, LLC

“I am 50 years old and had never done yoga in my life until a year ago. Jennifer began a yoga class at my office and it really has been extremely beneficial for me personally. After only one month into the class, I fell and separated my left shoulder. After six weeks of physical therapy, I rejoined yoga and really credit Jennifer in helping me to rebuild and strengthen my shoulder back to normal. I never imagined how much of a workout yoga is until Jennifer introduced it to me. It is both physically challenging and mentally relaxing all at the same time.”

Darlene Lewis
Clark Holmes Oral Facial Surgery











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